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Bad Bread, Good Blues

Bad Bread, Good Blues is my debut novel, available now on Amazon Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, various apps can be downloaded here which support the platform. Artwork by Gary Ogden (@gogdenart).


When a young man is made unemployed he looks back on the past, wondering how his plans fell apart and what caused him to leave Prague and his lover, Jana. 

Obsessing over details big and small and unable to find new work, he becomes ever more prone to anxiety and introspection, until he is forced to face the domino effect of his losses head on. 

Bad Bread, Good Blues is a novel about heartbreak and hope, the confusion of life in a foreign land, tragically unsuccessful weekend breaks and nearly disastrous writing trips. It is about baking away the blues, travelling to stave off depression, and rediscovering yourself on the road. 

Written with frank honesty, it is a book that explores the micro dramas of day-to-day life, the trials of a normal life, and the beauty of love.

Available on Amazon now

Available on Amazon now